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Is your Heating Equipment operating at peak efficiency?

Our experts provide careful computer diagnostics to make sure everything is working correctly. This will save you money on energy bills and prevent costly repair issues down the road.


Repair or Replace?

Is your furnace or air handler experiencing reliability issues? We have a fleet of technicians that respond to daily service requests. We PRIDE ourselves with our company’s vision, “Our Technicians are Reserved for Our Direct Customers” we do not offer general service to the public.

Our Comfort Xperts are available to give an overall assessment based on age, history of repairs and efficiency if repairing is the way to go. We will work with you and your budget to help you choose the furnace or HVAC system that suits your heating & home comfort needs.

Call us today or book an in home consultation online to discover all the options available through The Comfort Xperts.

Repair vs. Replace a Furnace

If you’re having problems with your system or it’s broken or just plain old, It can be a difficult decision deciding whether to repair or replace.

Each situation is unique and every individual has their own preferences. At The Comfort Xperts, we’ll walk you through what’s going on with your system and let you know the options and cost for repair. We can also show you some options if you choose to upgrade the equipment.

There are a number of factors to consider:

furnace repair costs

Furnaces lose efficiency the older they get. Lost efficiency means higher gas and hydro bills.

Many older systems have single speed motors which run on A.C current. This style of motor require much more power to run- more power equals higher electricity bills. Most modern furnaces are equipped with variable speed, high efficiency motors which run on D.C current. (Electronically commuted motor=ECM) They use much less power and are way more energy efficient. So efficient that the government will give you $250 just for changing to a furnace that has one.

When they get older and develop chronic health problems, it’s frequently the start of a downhill spiral. You’ll want to be careful when deciding to invest lots of money into repairing older equipment.

The government wants to go green and will reward you generously for helping. We have more rebates available than ever before. You’ll be surprised to find out how much you can get for upgrading to new, energy efficient equipment.

The average life span of modern furnaces is approximately 10-15 years. After 10 years, about investing a lot of money on repairs, as often times frequent or expensive repairs are a sign of bigger, more serious problems.

If installed and maintained properly furnaces are generally safe. But as they age, some of the components can become potentially dangerous. All furnaces have heat exchangers. That’s the component that heats up when the gas pools into it and heats your air. But as they get older, heat exchangers rust and have the potential to crack or fail. Cracks or holes in the heat exchanger can lead to poisonous carbon monoxide leaking into the home.

Many older furnaces don’t have proper filtration systems for the size of the homes. This leads to a build up of dust, pollutants and general poor air quality. If you’re having issues with dust, dryness or breathing issues, you may want to consider upgrading your equipment/filtration to improve your air quality. Studies show that air quality plays a huge factor in the overall health of Canadians, particularly in children and the elderly.

Replacing old non efficient hvac equipment will increase the value of your home, regardless if you are selling or renting it out.  Consumers will be more inclined to either purchase or offer greater value since the equipment is high efficient.

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